Beam Updates

Version 0.6.8

Released 21 February, 2017. Build 1487693625

More bug fixes and stability improvements! It would be extremely helpful if you share some feedback… here’s a quick survey 🙏

Version 0.6.7

Released 16 February, 2017. Build 1487264021

This a bug fix release with improvements to screen sharing and connectivity issues.

Version 0.6.6

Released 10 February, 2017. Build 1486755237

This is a quick hotfix release.

Some of you might have experienced an issue while starting a call Beam would fail to connect you.

Also there is a potential bugfix for bad quality while sharing screens. If you had some issues with screen sharing it would be great if you can test it and let us know if it’s better now in Slack 🙏


  • We’re now using Intercom for feedback, let’s chat!

Version 0.6.5

Released 8 February, 2017. Build 1486569148

This a quick bug fix release with minor feature improvements.


  • Call window position when you have secondary display (Alma 👋)

Version 0.6.4

Released 7 February, 2017. Build 1486490016

This a quick bug fix release.

Version 0.6.3

Released 6 February, 2017. Build 1486402103

We have finally fixed the mysterious connection bug many of you have experienced! Making calls should now be much quicker and stable. We also did a ton of improvements under the hood and tweaks to screen sharing.


  • Small video preview while sharing a screen and when screen sharing window is minimized


  • A bug when screen sharing video appeared small in a black container

  • Connectivity problems after the Power Nap and sleep mode


  • Audio and screen sharing quality

Version 0.6.2

Released 1 February, 2017. Build 1485953235

This a bug fix release with minor feature improvements.

Version 0.6.1

Released 27 January, 2017. Build 1485542615

This release features fixes and improvements to the previously released File Sharing feature. Read more about it on the blog post.


  • Sending invites and disappearing Invite people button


  • URL scheme handling of beta vs production builds

  • Avatar upload and edit

Version 0.6

Released 26 January, 2017. Build 1485469963

This release features File Sharing, a new way how to share files with your team while in a call. Version 0.6 also fixes minor issues and stability improvements.

This is very much a work-in-progress and we’d love your feedback. Please add yours here or join the discussion in the channel on our Slack. Read more on the blog post


  • File sharing, just drag’n’drop on the user icon in Menu Bar or on the black popover while in a call.

  • Ability to add or change your avatar per team


  • Now by default, you are always set as busy, means auto-accept is opt-in

  • Your own icon is no longer in Menu Bar

  • Beam is now visible only in Menu Bar, no dock icon


  • Minor connectivity issues

  • Sometimes invites didn’t work


  • Stability and connection speed

  • Ringing and other sounds

  • Transition between sleep/wake/power nap states

Version 0.5

Released 29 December, 2016. Build 1483044489

This was the first public Beta version with working two-person calls and screen sharing. It also included other changes and fixes.